The Power of the Small People


Busy as we were, I don’t think I even noticed him at first. Brushes, cans of paint, people asking me where to find another ladder: this occupied my complete attention. It was July 2018: the small town of Sunja, situated almost at the border between Croatia and Bosnia, was undergoing the peaceful and joyful invasion of 24 volunteers, and I had contributed to that. It was my third time there and here’s the previous articles that tell the story.

Yes, we were attempting to start painting one of our largest murals, when Filip just appeared out of nowhere, with camera and drone. At one point I saw this young man, quietly sitting there in front of our colourful hubbub. With a big smile he asked if he could video or, to be precise, if he could take a time-lapse of us painting the mural. What to say? It was a deep desire of mine to find someone who could do that, but so far nothing had worked out, so it was a very pleasant surprise, to say the least.

At the end, Filip put together an awesome 12 minutes video of our whole 3 days stay in Sunja: 2 murals, a clown therapy outing, a Flash Mob dance in the park and much more.

One of my favorite parts of the video is at the very end, with Filip himself delivering a simple but powerful message to us all: “If there is a single thing I learned from these volunteers in the few hours I spent with them, that would be the power of the small people. They taught me that it’s possible to change the world, but if you want to change the world you need to start with yourself, you have to do some small things, and you will find more people doing small things, and when many small people in a small place do small things, they can change the world.”

 Thank you Filip for being one of those people and freely devoting time and energy to a project that’s already been spreading far and wide. You really captured the magic of those days and the message behind it all. And thank you to everyone who participated, who hosted the activities and made it all possible.

Here’s just a few of the many reactions received so far:

Thanks for sharing! I remember this place very well. Svenja (CMFA)

Wow!!! I just saw now the movie with Sunja. It is soo impressive!!! I love it!!!! Elena

So nice! Greetings from Germany, Damir

Beautiful, thank you so much for coming and sharing good vibes with us and come back again sometimes.  Diana

It is totally inspiring, the way you are capable of cultivating philosophical and ethical environment, connecting with and supporting people and practical doing. Together it somehow makes sense. Thank you for this! Helena (CMFA)

Woow, this is beautiful, you guys are amazing! We are so blessed that we have you guys! I can’t imagine the world without you. Sonia

Filip really captured the moment in this one; I hope to see you again soon. Borko

Very nice, thanks. Rolly

You give amazing love. Ciao Marco

Beautiful! Next year I’ll join you also, Paola

This is amazing! You are incredible and this video made me miss you so much. Sanja

Great video with really good shots from Filip. Franjo

Thanks for the video, it’s amazing to see you what happened since we were in Sunja together!! I remember it was my last day at the Civil March before I went back to Germany. What inspired you to do something there? Antonia (CMFA)

I’m crying again! Amazing job Filip! Thank you so much. You are gifted in telling the stories in this way… I love you and miss you all!!! Andrea

Such a great fortune to run into a guy this talented and this nice in a tiny place like Sunja! And such good times we spent there together:) It really came out so nicely and it takes me right back to these days. Thank you for capturing them in such a beautiful way, Filip!   Alex (CMFA)

Awesome & beautiful work, a sample to all of us, no matter where in the world we are! Susan

Great idea and cool movie! Janusz (CMFA)

Great video and great cause. Thank you for what you are doing!!! Emil (CMFA)

It really touched my heart. Can I share it? Enrica

Just watched it! Really outstanding. In just a few minutes it captured all the joy we experienced. Emanuela

Very well done! 
Thank you so much, Filip. Big hug from Rijeka. Paolo

Such a beautiful video! I was finally able to watch it. A big hug to you all! Margherita

Great video, I really enjoyed watching it. It was such a good idea to make this movie! Can I share it? Carla

Such a beautiful video!! I really had tears in my eyes…you are amazing! Veronika

















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